Be Prepared for the Cold This Winter with Heating Repairs in Tuscaloosa or Moundville, AL

Be Prepared for the Cold This Winter with Heating Repairs in Tuscaloosa or Moundville, AL

Don’t shiver through the next cold spell. Make sure your heater works like it should. The HVAC pros at Home Comfort Solutions, Inc. will troubleshoot your heating system to make sure you’re prepared for winter weather. We service both gas and electric heaters, so you’ll be prepared no matter what Mother Nature brings your way.

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3 heat pump problems to watch out for

Keep your home nice and cozy this winter with a properly functioning and efficient heating system. Be prepared by keeping an eye out for these three common issues with heating systems:

1. Tripped breakers, your indoor and outdoor sections of your heat pump system each have electrical beakers and or an electrical disconnect, make sure these are intact and functioning properly.

2. Dirty air filters, a dirty filter can cause many easily preventable issues, from lack of efficiency to a frozen coil. We recommend changing your air filters every 30 days, a good reminder is change them every time you pay your electric bill.

3. Heat pumps do make an odd sound during the cooler times of the year, it is called the defrost cycle, it is normal and necessary for the system to operate, you may even see steam coming off the outdoor unit, do not be alarmed.

Please note we do offer Maintenance Agreements where we come out twice a year and inspect your system and check for normal wear and tear and recommend repairs when needed. We call them a PCA, Preferred Customer Agreement, there are many benefits other than keeping your system up and running at top performance and efficiency. We offer up to 15% discount on repair parts and accessories, priority service and top of the list afterhours emergency service when the need arises. Call us and ask about our PCA plan today and get signed up before you need a major repair or have a breakdown on during the hottest or coldest time of the year.